And so ends 2014 – 31st December 2014

And with that I have managed to write a blog every day for 365 days. They might not have been uploaded every day (no Internet and WordPress being a pain are just two reasons why). What I have learnt from this is that I really don’t like writing blogs. To be perfectly honest since I finished my masters I really dislike reading and writing anything.  What I have discovered is that I love taking pictures of anything and everything and I will continue to do that! In 2014 I spent as much time as possible with my cats, embraced my passion for knitting and achieved my New Years Goals. Here is too much of the same in 2015! As for my blog, I’ll be back with some knitting stuff but it would be nice if WordPress fixed the photo uploader. 

#lksecretgarden – 30th December 2014

The #lksecretgarden is a let’s knit blanket making challenge and I decided to give it ago. I thought it would be a pretty good way to stash bust odd yarn and to try out new skills. I’ve started with the honeycomb stitch which I have never done before. So far so good!

Sid and the floppy ear – 29th December 2014

Max’s adorable folded ear is no secret to anyone and it now seems that Sid wants in on the act. It seems like whatever happens to Max will happen to Sid a year later. On Christmas Eve I returned home to find that Sid’s ear had become quite swollen and he wasn’t too happy about it. As soon as the festivities were over we took Sid to the vet and they decided to operate on his ear today. Just like Max they removed the swelling and stitched buttons in his ear. He feels a bit sorry for himself now but he will be better in no time!

(For some reason WordPress won’t let me add a picture)

Top Gear Christmas Special part 2 – 28th December 2014

The second part of the Top Gear special was to be the most explosive and dramatic one yet. After a jovial and up beat beginning the team found themselves trapped by a mob. The crew were forced to flee Argentina as groups of Angry protesters pelted their cars with rocks.  Someone quite clearly had it in for Top Gear and had sat and worked out a way to pick fault with them. The people who made up the mob may think that they have achieved something by forcing Top Gear to flee but actually all their moronic actions did was present the people of Argentina as barbaric idiots on a television show shown globally.  Very good episode of Top Gear that raised some very interesting points.

Top Gear Christmas Special part 1 – 27th December 2014

Tonight was part one of the Top Gear Christmas Special.  I adore Top Gear and never miss it. I have been looking forward to the Christmas Special for ages. The events that had unfolded on this special have been widely reported so everyone knew what to expect. The first part was very good. Like any other Top  Gear challenge they faced numerous tasks designed to test their cars and along the way they faced numerous hilarious mishaps.  This time it seemed to be largely due to the lack of roads.  Funniest bit has to be Jeremy riding his car whilst James and Richard tried to fix the Mustang. Great episode, bring on part 2!

IT’S CHRISTMAS! – 25th December 2014

I love Christmas!  It’s the best day of the year. I got up bright and early and helped my cats open their presents.  Then once everyone else was up we opened our gifts. We watched lots of films, built scratching posts and ate Christmas lunch. Perfect Christmas day!


Merry Christmas.

Christmas Eve – 24th December 2014

It’s Christmas eve! Christmas eve must be celebrated in the correct way, by heading home for a take away and a night of films. I also get to see my cats and tuck them into bed before Santa comes tonight! It’s nearly Christmas!


Christmas eve.

Work’s Christmas party – 23rd December 2014

Tonight was my work Christmas party. We headed to As You Like it for a meal. The food was lovely,  I had spiced halloumi to start, a beef dinner for main and a Chocolate Brownie for dessert.  The beef could have done with being a bit thinner and the Brownie shouldn’t have had any nuts but other than those minor details it was yummy. The staff were all nice and friendly,  they really went out of their way to make our meal fabulous. The manager would frequently tell his staff off in front of us which I really didn’t like. I just thought it was awful for the staff and us. We had an early night as everywhere in town was dead, guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas.


As You Like It.

Sid’s electric blanket – 22nd December 2014

Sid is super attached to his electric blanket. He loves warming his bum. So much so that he will remove the top pillow which covers his electric blanket so that he can sleep on the blanket itself. At least he is really happy though.


Sid and the Electric blanket.