New knitting needles – 16th October 2014

One of my 6mm knitting needles was snapped so I had to hunt out a new one. I really love the pony coloured needles that I won in the World Cup knitting challenge so I went in search of some 6mm. Although slightly different I did manage to get some similar ones and they’re absolutely fabulous. 


New knitting needles.

Knitted penguin – 14th October 2014

For Tinker’s adoption day I decided to knit her the penguin from my Let’s knit magazine.  Stuffed with catnip and a squeaker I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Just hope she likes it!


Knitted penguin.

Candle cat – 13th October 2014

I love a nice scented candle and what better way to accessories that then with a cute little cat to attach to the side. I picked up candle cat on my latest shopping trip. He was with the Halloween candles but I think that he looks cute with any candles.


Candle cat

Candle cat

Roker Park illuminations – 12th October 2014

This evening we went to see the Roker park illuminations.  They’re Alice in Wonderland themed and although we went to see them last year we thought they were so good we headed back to see them again. I love the lights, I think that light displays ate fabulous amd these, complete with a giant Cheshire cat are no exception.


Cheshire cat.

Cheshire cat.

Steak! – 11th October 2014

Today we went for another Harry’s steak. They do the best steak I have ever had in my life there. It’s amazing, I could eat it everyday. After steak I had another one of their fabulous deserts. I always get the same one. It consists of meringue, raspberrys and cream. It’s gorgeous.  Fantastic meal rounded off with a few drinks!

Tinker and the kittens – 9th October 2014

Tinker really isn’t your ordinary cat. Living a bit of a rough life before she came to live with us Tinker has seen a fair few scraps. When we adopted her she lived in a pen with a big Tom cat who relentlessly bullied her and stole her food. Now she is terrified of other cats, but it’s starting to look like things might be changing. Tinker was pretty scared of humans when we first got her. We couldn’t go near her without her lashing out. Now almost a year later she waits for us to get home to scoop her up and give her a cuddle, I’m hoping her opinion of other cats is changing too. We recently watched BBC2′s cat watch 2014 and a bunch of rather adorable kittens appeared on the tv shouting for their mother.  Tinker instantly reacted and started to search for them. Since then she has constructed a den for them, took food back for them and continues to search the house for them. I have no idea what to do. What started as sweet is now a little worrying as she just isn’t herself. She rolls about the floor singing then just flumps down into a pile. She seems really miserable and is still looking for these kittens. I really hope she gets over it soon.


Exhausted after her search for kittens.

Great British Bake off final – 8th October 2014

Tonight was the Great British Bake off final and I think that I’m quite surprised by the result. When the show began I wanted Martha to win but after she left the tent two weeks ago it was obvious that wasn’t meant to be. Looking at the final contestants I honestly thought Richatd had it in the bag. He had been star baker 5 times and his bakes always seemed to be amazing.  When the show started I thought it would be him or Luis. I didn’t really think Nancy had a chance but looking back on it now she had always plodded on quite consistently every week and that’s just what she did in the final. Richard and Luis just seemed to crack under the pressure. In the end I guess Nancy was a very deserving winner.

Meet George – 7th October 2014

Meet George,  the latest edition to our feline brood.  We took Dodge to the vets to have her blood done today and Sara our vet asked us if we wanted to see a cat they had in. George was a stray which they had had living in the vets for a little while.  With no info on him his life is something of a mystery.  He is super friendly and enjoys cuddles.  Right now he seems to be quite scared of the others right now but he has nevet tried to hurt them. When scared he has been cuddling up next to me for reassurance.  A lovely young man, can’t wait to get to know him better.