Big knit cake – 31st August 2014

Good enough to eat, well sort of. This is the Big Knit cake. Pattern can be found here The icing isn’t as drippy as I wanted it to be but I ran out of that colour wool and didn’t want the cake to look silly. Easy pattern but not made how I expected it to be.


Big Knit cake.

Big knit shark – 30th August 2014

This little crocheted shark is a Big Knit hat. It’s quite a clever design, the pattern can be found here it’s also easier to make than I thought. I’m still pretty new to crochet but I don’t think this one turned out too bad.


Big Knit shark.

Pacman Ghost Big Knit – 29th July 2014

This pattern is a little bit of a nightmare.  I ended up having to use a bigger hook and dc when the pattern said sc just to make the hat large enough to fit the bottle.  I wasn’t too impressed with the outcome either. The pattern can be found here if you would like to have a go


Pacman Ghost hat.

Big knit bunny – 28th July 2014

My latest hat is the Big Knit Bunny. This little crocheted bunny rabbit was really simple to put together.  I think it’s adorable!  Really happy with it and the pattern can be found here


Big Knit bunny.

Aussie miracle recharge – 27th July 2014

My latest beauty purchase is the Aussie miracle recharge. My hair has been super frizzy lately and I wanted to see if I could sort it. I bought this after seeing loads of adverts about it and thought it must be worth a go. I use it every day and my hair feels gorgeous.  It’s really soft and silky. It’s still a little bit frizzy so I think I’ll get the shampoo and conditioner to go with it. Love the Aussie miracle recharge already, my hair has never looked so good.


Aussie miracle recharge.

Dungarees! -26th July 2014

Today my husband bought me a pair of dungarees. I was a bit concerned about them as I thought that I might look really childish but actually I think they look quite good when they’re on. The bib bit sits in a nice comfortable position and the shorts are of a pretty good length. So I think they actually look pretty mature. The denim ia also really soft so I can move comfortably around in them. Can’t wait to wear them out and about.



George Gel pro – 24th July 2014

I have to have my nails painted red for work so lately I have sworn by this George Gel Pro No. 2. The colour is solid when it goes on so you only need one coat. It’s also pretty resilient meaning that it will see it’s way though the working week. Also it’s a gorgeous colour, such a vivid red!


George Gel pro.

Big knit Watermelon.

The next of my Big Knit hats is the watermelon.  Pattern can be found here The most difficult bit about this hat is trying to thread the silly little beads onto the wool. Other than that this hat is really straight forward.


Big Knit Watermelon.

Raby Hunt restaurant – 23rd July 2014

After a short trip to town we headed out for lunch at Raby Hunt restaurant. The food there wad absolutely amazing. Gor a main I had Duck with some kind of orangd jam. I’m not usually a duck fan but I loved this. I got to sample two deserts, one a sort of Raspberry and cinnamon concoction and the other a lemon and meringue thing. Both of which were fabulous.  We also got to have homemade lemonade in the sunshine.