George Gel pro – 24th July 2014

I have to have my nails painted red for work so lately I have sworn by this George Gel Pro No. 2. The colour is solid when it goes on so you only need one coat. It’s also pretty resilient meaning that it will see it’s way though the working week. Also it’s a gorgeous colour, such a vivid red!


George Gel pro.

Big knit Watermelon.

The next of my Big Knit hats is the watermelon.  Pattern can be found here The most difficult bit about this hat is trying to thread the silly little beads onto the wool. Other than that this hat is really straight forward.


Big Knit Watermelon.

Raby Hunt restaurant – 23rd July 2014

After a short trip to town we headed out for lunch at Raby Hunt restaurant. The food there wad absolutely amazing. Gor a main I had Duck with some kind of orangd jam. I’m not usually a duck fan but I loved this. I got to sample two deserts, one a sort of Raspberry and cinnamon concoction and the other a lemon and meringue thing. Both of which were fabulous.  We also got to have homemade lemonade in the sunshine. 

Big knit grapes – 22nd July 2014

My latest Big Knit hat is these grapes, the pattern can be found here. This pattern is fab, knitting these little bobbles means that the hat really does look like a bunch of grapes. It’s really easy to make as well.


Big Knit Grapes

Minion beach – 21st July 2014

After a day at the beach and the amusements we left with a new minion and a minion mug. Full of ice cream we headed home. My #lkworldcup challenge prize arrived today, it’s amazing.  Lot’s of fabulous yarns and some really pretty needles. A really lovely day.



Race for life and Monty Python – 20th July 2014

Race for life day! It was a different course this year which was a bit more hilly, a bit more muddy and encluded a half an hour wait to get through a gap in a wall. Anyway we did it! I got a bit sun burnt and a bit of sun stroke and very sore feet. Bengie was knackered! But we had a really good day. I love doing the race for life. It’s a fab thing to be involved in and we always have a lovely day. Later we went to see Monty Python at the cinema. It was amazing, a comic reunion of epic proportions and undoubtedly something that history will never see again.



A rare Saturday off work – 19th July 2014

So today was my first Saturday off in a while so we decided to spend the day out  and about. We started by shopping in Sunderland where we finally bought Scott is Peter Palone top. We then headed into Newcastle for some cocktails before going for food. The first restaurant we had chosen had some kind of flooding issue. The second was fully booked. So we ended up in Harrys where I had the best steak ever! To top off our day we went to the Stand, which never fails to disappoint.  Fab day.


Strawberry Souffle.

Big knit fox no. 2 – 18th July 2014

Today I made this big knit fox. The pattern can be found here it’s really easy to put together. The body just follows a basic hat pattern and the arms are really cleverly rolled. A super easy pattern thay looks amazing.


Big knit fox.

Palmers cocoa butter formula – 17th July 2014

This is a product I swear by. I got sunburnt really badly on my chest a few years ago and it left my skin permanently scaly and nasty looking. That was until I found this. I put it on every night before bed and it leaves my skin feeling gorgeous.  It also smells really yummy too. I’m pretty prone to heat rash and sun burn and I find that the cocoa butter always makes it better. Couldn’t do without this stuff.


Cocoa butter.

Deramores has arrived! – 16th July 2014

Woop my deramores order has arrived! I bought this bundle using a gift card I was given for my birthday.  I got some Red Heart soft aran to make my cape. It really is super soft and feels like such a high quality.  I also got an extra set of hiya hiya kitty snips. I love these and I got an extra pair for my handbag, glad they came in a different colour.