Thorpe Park – 24th October 2014

Today we went to Thorpe Park and the one ride which David really wanted to go on was shut. We did manage to go on everything else though! The big rides were good but my favourite ride of the day had to be the Angry Birds 4D cinema.  We also found out that David is exceptionally good at the throw the ball in the bucket game and we left with a giant minion!


Thorpe Park.

Cats and scoundrels – 23rd October 2014

Today was a very good day! We started by heading to Lady Dinah’s cat emporium.   It was absolutely amazing!  You get to play with the cats whilst having tea and cakes, how awesome is that? The cats were all super adorable and really playful.  The cake there is also really good. We then went on the London eye and admired the view over the city. On the evening we went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Robert Lindsay stared in this amazing production.  It was such a good production with a fantastic twist in the story! 


Lady Dinah's cat emporium.

Charlie and the chocolate factory – 22nd October 2014

Today we headed down to London. We first went to the Knitting show at the Fashion and Textiles museum and I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  It was quite small and although there was some garments to look at there was no information about any sort of knitting technique that went in to creating them. After this we headed up to the irregular choice shop.  How did I not know there was a sale shop upstairs? As usual I ended up leaving with some new shoes but these ones are for Christmas from my parents.  On the evening we went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory.  I’ve wanted to see this show for ages so I was so pleased we got tickets. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen a show with sets and scenery like it. It really was unlike any other show, I strongly urge everyone to go see it.


Charlie and the chocolate factory.

My favourite kind of cake – 21st October 2014

My favourite kind of cake is birthday cake! I didn’t manage to snap up any birthday cake yesterday so headed home to get some today. It’s not the cake itself that I’m so fond of, it’s the icing.  I just can’t get enough of the stuff. If I could I would eat just the icing all the time.


Birthday cake.

Candle cat 2.0 – 19th October 2014

Meet candle cat 2.0.  It’s pretty clever really. You put the tea light in the cats back and it heats up a wax tart in the hanging parachute.  We got some of the Halloween Ghostly treats to start off with. So far it’s been awesome.  The wax tarts seem to last forever and the smell is still going strong.  Also the cat is super cute. What more do you need?


Candle cat 2.0.

Feline laziness – 18th October 2014

Winter is coming and the cats are slowly creeping their way into one big furry mass in order to keep warm. New boy George is slowly getting brave enough to join in but prefers to share a bed with the dogs and Bengie (our Yorkshire Terrier) is becoming more and more possessive of little George and now treats him like his puppy. Max and Spot tend to adopt the most adorable winter stances. Spot is my oldest cat and Max is one of his sons. The pair spend a lot of time together. 



Stand up to Cancer – 17th October 2014

Tonight was Channel 4’s stand up to cancer campaign.  This was a mixture of heartbreaking storys and comedy in a bid to raise money for cancer research.  Celebrity gogglebox was awesome (the full version was aired the following week) and the celebritys fitted in nicely with the regular goggleboxers. The last Leg was perhaps the finest moment of the show. Adam Hill’s rant managed to be a perfect comedic piece about cancer. It hit the nail on the head with how cancer affects everyone yet managed to be heartwarming and funny. Then Adam Hill got his kit off after the donation total soared. A good night, I think Chanel 4 managed to be funny whilst raising awareness for an important cause. 

New knitting needles – 16th October 2014

One of my 6mm knitting needles was snapped so I had to hunt out a new one. I really love the pony coloured needles that I won in the World Cup knitting challenge so I went in search of some 6mm. Although slightly different I did manage to get some similar ones and they’re absolutely fabulous. 


New knitting needles.