What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes? – 22nd April 2014

A Do-you-think-he-saurus!

After battling with the world’s most irritating yarn (see previous blog post) I have finally finished the back of my bolero.  I think I spent more time unravelling knots than I did knitting, there was more sequins on the floor than attatched to the wool and in the end I had to cut the yarn into smaller chunks to knit with. The back turned out ok though, just hope the rest is better!



King Cole Galaxy DK – 21st April 2014

Although gorgeous this yarn is a nightmare to knit with. After I started knitting it became apparent that the whole ball was a tangled mess.  The sequins attached to the yarn catch onto other pieces of yarn which means that instead of flowing freely the yarn jerks and quickly becomes knotted, a knot which proves to be very stubborn.  If the yarn catches it seems to develop a fluffy buldge which is also difficult to remove, so far I have found that the only effective way is to ensure the buldge stays at the back of the piece.  With all this catching and knotting hoing on I find myself having to unravel the yarn every row and try and negotiate the knot out. This is proving to be very time consuming.  I do love the effect this yarn creates but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.


King Cole Galaxy DK.

Russell Kane – 20th April 2014

We had a fantastic evening seeing Russell Kane. To begin with he brought his pug dog on and got it to do tricks in the spot light! Seriously cute. His support act was Omar Hamdi, who was very funny. His jokes were topical and political without being too deep. An act that I would definitely see again. Russell Kane himself was hilarious, I had seen him on tv before but not doing stand up and I enjoyed his set very much. Good evening and 2 comedians I would definitely see again.


Russell Kane.

Hairy Bikers chilli con carne – 19th April 2014

Today I made chilli con carne from the Hairy Bikers ‘Mum knows best’ book.  This was really easy to put together and was very tasty. I left out the tabasco sauce as my husband isn’t really a big fan of spicy food however it probably would have been ok to add it as the chillies I used weren’t very hot. A great dish that I would make again. I don’t have a picture of the finished dish as we were in such a rush to eat up and head out to watch the match (Sunderland won) that I forgot to take one.


Chilli con carne.

Alan Davies – 18th April 2014

I saw Alan Davies at the fringe last year and thought he was hilarious. His dry humour coupled with stories that everyone could relate to made for a perfect comedy gig.  So when I heard he was coming to Newcastle I jumped at the chance to get tickets. His full show didn’t disappoint and was great to see. I’m not sure how many dates he has left but if Alan Davies is playing near you soon I strongly recommend you get tickets! 


Alan Davies.

Dinner followed by drinks in a train carriage – 17th April 2014

This evening we went to Santinis in Sunderland for dinner.  To start I had tzatziki and a pitta, it was gorgeous.  I had a Greek salad for main, which was also perfect, before finishing with a very nice strawberry ice cream.  Later we had drinks in Platform 5, a bar designed to look like an old train carriage and station.  The place appeard shut from the outside and was quite quiet inside. Lovely evening with lovely food. 


Platform 5.

Cool cats – 16th April 2014

I had a lovely morning with my cats, I love them so much I really hate to leave them!  My cats are my world and I do everything for them.  I miss them lots and we’re still having work done to our house so we can’t get Tinker-bella back! On another note, I was made to watch another football in which Sunderland got beat. It’s not looking good for them. To cheer everyone up here is a picture of Max and Spot having a cuddle. 


Spot and Max.

Princess pumpkin pie – 15th April 2014

A lovely day shopping with my Mummy at Dalton Park, I really like that place, mainly for the Cadbury and the Levi shop. Mind you the Cadbury shop can be a dangerous place when the misfits contain your favourite chocolate (strawberry creme). After shopping I returned home to my little princess pumpkin pie,  Dodge! Dodge is a very loving cat and always seems happy to see people, even if it’s just because she is hoping for some meat. She is a tiny little thing compared to my other cats and always acts like a truely elegant lady. I love spending time with Dodgey Pie and I like to think she enjoys my company too!



Mary Berry’s Batternburg cake – 14th April 2014

Today I baked my first ever Batternburg cake. I used Mary Berry’s recipe and all things considered it turned out pretty well. It has the Batternburg shape and tastes pretty yummy. The only problem is that the pink bit has turned brown.  I have no idea why as I added the right amount of red food dye. I won’t be getting Asda food dye again!  This was a really easy recipe, I was pretty surprised how easy it was to put a Batternburg cake together. Oh and I bought a new whisk since mine had begun to stink of molten plastic,  the one I got is so powerful it may as well be a drill.


Batternburg cake.

Brian the Snail – 13th April 2014

I finally did it! I taught myself to crochet. I used a beginners pattern from the March issue of Let’s Knit magazine and I made this little fellow,  Brian the Snail. So happy that I managed to teach myself as I don’t think anyone else in my family can crochet.  Once I sussed out what I was doing it turned out to be pretty easy! Although knitting will always be closest to my heart I think Brian may be the first in a long line of Crochet Amigurumi.


Brian the Snail.