3 bears big knit – 14th September 2014

The bear knits are really easy. I just make a basic hat then create ears using the standard ear pattern I always do. The nose is just embroidered on and the ears glued on. Bears sre a really easy hat that anyone can do! 


Big Knit 3 bears.

Crochet on a plane – 13th September 2014

So it turns out crochet on a plane is really easy to do. I don’t deal well with doing nothing and 9 hours on a plane sounds like a nightmare.  I needed something to do and keep me busy.  I took a plastic hook and my yarn, nothing else. The only way this became any attention to security was on the way into America as they thought it was a sandwich.  So you can crochet on a plane.  Just take a plastic hook.

Typhoon Lagoon and partying with Chip and Dale – 12th September 2014

Our final day in Disneyworld was a relaxed day. My husband really wanted to go to a water park so we settled on Typhoon Lagoon. I’m not a big water person but I loved this park. The slides were great fun and I went on every one. My favourite part of Typhoon Lagoon was swimming with the sharks.  I did it twice. They give you a snorkel and a mask and set you off in a freezing cold salt water pool. You just have to swim from one side to the other using only your arms. The breathing bit was difficult at first but I got used to it and managed to get really close to some of the fish.  Before we left a freak rain storm hit Typhoon Lagoon and shut all the slides! We then headed back over to Hollywood studios. In the centre there was a dance party going on and I got to dance with Chip and Dale! We had dinner booked in the Hollywood vine before heading once more to see Fantasmic.  On our way out we managed to stumble upon the Frozen firework display.  It was huge and very well done. A perfect way to end the holiday.


Partying with Chip and Dale.

Return to Magic Kingdom – 11th September 2014

Today we returned to Magic Kingdom,  easily the happiest place on earth.  We mainly went back today to see the parades as they had all been rained off on our first day. After a few rides we watched Dream with Mickey, a live performance where Mickey has to save dreams from a host of Disney villans. I finally managed to get one of those slush with ice cream on top that I have been going on about for months! We then stumbled upon the Move it Shake it parade. It was awesome! A host of characters come out on floats, they then get down and dance amongst the crowd. We did the conga with Woody!  Next we waited for the Fantasyland parade but it was rained off again. This time the rain wasn’t totally horrendous so they sent out the rainy day cavalcade.  This was a bunch of mahoosive cars which contained some of the characters. It was still pretty good even if it wasn’t the main thing. The final parade of the day was the Electrical parade. This was unlike anything I have ever seen before. A whole host of Disney characters emerged riding of floats completely made of twinkling fairy lights. Such a beautiful sight and  this was the prelude to Wishes which never fails to amaze.


Disney's Electrical parade.

Animal Kingdom – 10th September 2014

Today we visited Animal Kingdom. It was absolutely amazing.  It had all my favourite things rolled into one. The Lion King show was fabulous,  easily the best show at Disney. The singing combined with the puppetry made a show like no other. It’s different enough from the broadway version to be truly unique and not over shadowed by the stage show. Finding Nemo the musical was also awesome. The actors and puppeteers were incredibly talented. As for rides the river rapids were great fun but be warned, you will get soaked! The safari is also a great ride. We were delayed slightly as an animal had strayed out into the middle of the road but that just makes it a bit more exciting.   On the safari we saw a huge variety of animals and a giraffe stood right next to our truck! My favourite ride of the day had to be expedition everest.  It was one of the best rides in the whole of Walt Disney World, a must ride. We also had the chance to head over to the island. On it was a petting zoo full of lazy goats and pigs. One pig really hated David and the keeper told is that she just didn’t like men. At the end of the day we managed to catch the bird show.  The animals were extremely talented and very beautiful.  Fabulous day at Animal Kingdom.  Loved the place!


Animal Kingdom.

Epcot – 9th September 2014

Not going to lie, Epcot was my least favourite of all the Disney Parks. It was still amazing though. Some of the rides are amazing and some are awful. Captain EO is the worst ride I have ever been on in my life. I loved test track though. So much fun! Another ride we went on was mission space. I went on the green version which was supposed to make you feel less sick. I still felt sick. My husband decided to go on the orange version,  he felt really sick! Soar was awesome and it was nice to see Eric Idol make an appearence on the imagination ride.  I also quite enjoyed space ship earth.  There is a giant coca cola shop in Epcot where you can sample coke products from around the world.  You could also buy coca cola stuff so I stocked up on a lifetime supply of lipbalm. The world showcase was my favourite part of epcot.  I got my passport and I got it stamped everywhere. I did really enjoy walking around and seeing every piece. The malestrom ride was very good but I have heard it’s going to be replaces with a Frozen ride, which I imagine will be equally as good. The mexican ride was also really good. We had lunch in Germany, currywurst of course and dinner in Mexico. After that we watched the world showcase fireworks.  Fabulous day!



Hollywood studios – 8th September 2014

We chose Hollywood studios as our second park to visit.  Mainly because we had extra magic hours that day. Upon arrival to the park we were greeted by Olaf the Snowman on a giant screen. There was fake snow and everything in Hollywood studios.  The park seemed pretty quiet this early in the morning and we quickly made our way onto the studio backlot tour. I thought this was quite a good ride but since returning home I have found out that Disney will be closing it. Hollywood studios has two of the biggest rides that Disney has too offer.  Rock’n roller coaster, which I thought was very good and went on twice. It also has the Hollywood tour of terror which was my idea of hell. I pretty much wrapped myself around the seat and screamed the whole way through.  The mix of shows at Hollywood studios is also really good. We saw The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, both were marvellous. We managed to stumble upon a Frozen show, the Wandering Oak trading post was the Frozen shop but next to it was an ice rink, and a room full of Christmas trees and show. They even got some ice dancers out. We had lunch at Pizza Planet much to my husbands delight as Toy Story is his favourite.  I think the best ride of the day has to be Toy Story Mania. We queued for ages to go on it twice but in the queueing system they had an interactive Mr Potato Head. It’s a shooting game, you wear 3D glasses and ride about in a little cart. You then shoot at the targets that appear on the screen. We’re quite competitive so this ride was awesome. I ended up winning. On the evening we went to see Fantasmic. The show was about the conflict between Disney heros and villains and incolved live action performers and film footage projected onto water. The whole thing was staged on a lake that was so big the had big boats going around with all the performers on. It ended with a massive fire work display. Another great Disney Show and amazing day!


Hollywood Studios.

Magic Kingdom – 7th September 2014

I really can’t begin to describe how amazing Magic Kingdom is. It really is the happiest place on earth. It’s breathtaking.  We were lucky today as the queues weren’t huge so we were able to ride everything.  The second ride we went on was the Winnie the Pooh ride and it broke down but it turns out getting emergency evacuated is fun at Disney World.  We got to walk through the ride and have a good look at all the bits and pieces. They gave us a fast pass to use on that ride or a selection of others. When we were on Aladin’s magic carpets it started to rain with rain like I had never seen before because of this all of the parades were rained off. All of the outdoor rides had to be shut but we got to use our fast pass later. There is so many amazing rides there. I loved Big Thunder Mountain railroad and Splash Mountain. I also liked the new drawfs mining train. As this had just opened it was the ride we waited the longest for. I discovered the most amazing food in Disney World…… giant toffee apples.  They were so good! It was just an apple coated in toffee, then chocolate,  then decorated to look like Mickey but they were so tasty. I could eat them all the time. Despite the weather we did get to see the fireworks.  They were unlike anything I have ever seen. The wishes light show on the front of the castle was a work of genius and the fireworks were mahoosive.  Magical day.


Magic Kingdom.

We’re in Disney World! – 6th September 2014

You bet I am! I can’t believe how amazing this place is. I knew Disney World would be fantastic but I never envisaged this.  It’s huge. I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than the whole of Sunderland.  Our hotel is fabulous.  We’re staying in the All Star Music resort. Our room is simple, but clean and full of everything we need. Who spends that much time in their room anyway? I love how crazy big the hotel is! We headed straight out to downtown Disney.  We proused around the shops and had dinner in Portobello.  There was one seriously huge tropical storm which meant our first stop was to buy rain ponchos.  The bus system in Disney is so good. We can get a bus from our hotel for free to anywhere in Disney World.  How awesome is that? I’m already in awe and I’ve only been to Downtown Disney.


Disney All star music.

Road trip to Gatwick – 5th September 2014

Full day at work followed by an epic drive down to Gatwick,  but do I care? NO, because I’m going to Disney World. I’m also not driving so after a crazy day at work I can nap I  the car. I try not to but I’m really bad at staying awake. My body is just like, sleep time, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.