Strawberry milkshake – 29th August 2014

So it turns out my latest drink of choice on  a night out is the strawberry milkshake. At least I got one of my 5 a day, sort of. I can’t drink at the moment because of my head injury so I had to find alternatives instead, but it turns out that not drinking on a night out is way more fun. I went home feeling awake and cheerful and got up this morning feeling refreshed despite only having 2 and a half hours sleep. Lovely evening.


Strawberry milkshake.

My cat the genius – 28th August 2014

When I got Tinker just under a year ago I didn’t think she would turn out to be a feline genius.  At the time of adoption she could barely master stairs, now, each day,  she does something to amaze us. Her latest trick is opening doors. The door in question is the sitting room door and it’s quite heavy.  To open it she bunny kicks the door with her back foot until it pops open. Then once it has poped she reaches her foot around and starts to pull on the door or dig at the carpet to get the door moving.  Once the gap is big enough she slides right through!



Big Knit Penguin – 27th August 2014

Along with the sheep, this is my favourite Big Knit pattern. It’s been around on the Big Knit blog for a few years now, pattern can be found here I think it’s super adorable.  I glue a orange pom pom on for the beak and use two googly eyes for his  eyes. I also stuff the head and use the scarf to tie it tight. Definitely one of the best big knit patterns avaliable.


Big Knit penguin.

Fast pass + – 26th August 2014

Sorting out a Disney fast pass is really hard work. It’s super difficult to choose what it is you want to fast pass. You get to pick 3 choices every day to add to you fast pass, then the system allocates you a time. Great service, I just couldn’t pick between everything! We ended up picking by googling the most popular rides. 

Fringe take 2 part 3 – 24th August 2014

Tony Law

I’ve seen Tony Law live once before and thought that it was one of the most random things I have ever seen. This show didn’t disappoint.  If you’re unfamiliar with Tony Law’s style of comedy you would just think that this was a grown man having a nervous breakdown on stage. It’s not,  it’s the work of a comedy genius.

Comedy with a Dyslexic Geordie

We saw a brief snip it of this show at red raw and although it was funny at the time it really didn’t seem to work for a whole hour. Bit disappointed really.

Jason Patterson

I have no idea how Jason Patterson is not huge in the comedy world.  His style of comedy is so current and very good. I love his show and this is the second time we’ve seen him live. He is definitely one to watch.

Jack Dee

This was Jack Dee’s Help Desk. A show where other comedians are invited on to deal with audience questions.  It was quite a new and refreshing form of Improv and I loved it! Great show.

Henning When

Henning When’s show was very edgey and tip-toed along the line of what is ok to say and what isn’t. Nevertheless this is a comedian I have wanted to see for a while and I thought his show was hilarious.

Best of the fest

Our final show in the beautiful Assembly. Another amazing mix of comics including Marlon Davis and Aisling Bea. Absolutely brilliant and a great way to end the festival.

Fringe take 2 part 2 – 23rd August 2014

Phill Jupitus

It’s been a dream of mine to see Phill Jupitus live. He is a comedian I grew up watching on tv and one of the first comedians to spark my interest in comedy. His stand up show was hilarious and gave an insight into the real life of Phill Jupitus.

Jason Cook

I saw Jason Cook at Jesterval and quickly snapped up tickets for his Fringe show.  The show was hilarious and heartwarming.  His show was one of the best I’ve seen, loved it. I did leave wanting a bag of mini cheddars though.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson started his show on a treadmill and ended it that way. Quite different.  A very funny insight into the world of Mark Watson although I did leave full of laughs I was also a bit worried about him and felt like he needed a hug. A very good comedian who I would love to see again.

Edinburgh comedy allstars

This mix of comedians had come together for short bursts of comedy in an hour show. We got to see Romesh Ranganathan again and David O’Doherty.  David O’Doherty even threw in some different bits and pieces. Great show.

Late and Live

Late and Live had the promise of being good. Presented by Jo Caufield and Mick Ferry it got off to a good start. Then they brought on this disastrous dance act which ruined the whole show and killed the mood. The acts after that had no chance which was super unfortunate.

Fringe take 2 part 1 – 22nd August 2014

James Cook

First we saw James Cook’s free show. His show was based around board games and gave an insight into the various games avaliable which stray from the Norm. At the end he revealed his giant game taking place over Edinburgh. Fab show, great to go and watch.

James Veitch

We met James Veitch 2 weeks before his show. He was promoting his show in the Guilded Balloon courtyard and just from his brief introduction we were in fits. The show revolves around James replying to scam emails and this redreshing take on comedy was absolutely hilarious. Loved this show and I would recommend that every comedy fan goes to see James Veitch live. I would definitely go see him again.

David O’Doherty

I love David O’Doherty.  He is a comedian  I watch on tv all the time and I was so excited to see him live. He didn’t disappoint.  His show was a hilarious mix of stand up and comedy keyboard playing. Amazing show and I can’t wait to see him live again.

Frank Skinner

Everyone watches Frank Skinner on tv, his style of presenting is very amusing but I wasn’t all that familiar with his stand up.  It was a finally polished and well excecuted performance. Great to see him live and do a full show.

Stand late show

The stand late show was fabulous.  I love these types of shows as I think that they are a great way to see new comedians. Great show and I would recommend one of the Stand nights to anybody.

Big Knit teapot – 21st August 2014

The pattern for the Big Knit Tea Pot can be found here this hat is remarkably easy to make and consists of a basic hat with a few extra bits added to create the tea pot look. Simple but effective,  this is a great begginers hat.


Big Knit Tea Pot.

Bumble Bee Big Knit hat – 20th August 2014

This is a crochet Big Knit Bumble bee.  This sweet little fellow is really easy to make and the pattern can be found here The technique for making the head is super clever and allows you to crochet the bee’s head and body as one complete piece.


Big Knit bumble bee.